Core Team

Our team of consultants is one of our greatest strengths, with a diverse pool of talent across different sectors and specialized expertise. We understand that each project requires a unique set of skills, which is why we build our team based on the specific requirements and size of the project. Our consultants are skilled at leading projects and are equipped to deal with sudden changes that may arise. We also have the ability to increase our resources at any later stage during different project phases, ensuring that we can adapt to changing needs and deliver high-quality work on time. We are committed to handling the implementation process and monitoring the internal performance of work outputs, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcomes. Finally, we pride ourselves on our quick and effective customer relationship management, building strong relationships with our clients and working closely with them to achieve their goals.

a forward-thinking, and growth-focused digital transformation, marketing, and product management professional with more than 18 years working within the telecommunication segment and international organizations in multiple international companies (Omantel, ooredoo, Awasr, du, DCO) with repeated success guiding sizable, cross-functional teams in the development of business strategies focuses on revenue growth and enhanced performance. An expert when it comes to generating digital business and transformational strategies with high-impacting organizational development outcomes. Also an expert presenter and negotiator proficient in forging solid relationships with executive partners and consensus building focused on the achievement of operational excellence.

Experience: Accomplished, forward-thinking, and growth-focused digital transformation, marketing, and product management professional with repeated success guiding sizable, cross-functional teams in the development of business strategies focuses on growth and enhanced performance. Talent for generating digital business strategies with high-impacting organizational development outcomes. Expert presenter and negotiator proficient in forging solid relationships with executive partners and consensus building focused on the achievement of operational excellence.

Expertise, Competitive Intelligence , Strategic Analysis & Planning , Solutions Development ,Relationship Management, Digital Transformation Strategy ,Marketing and Branding Strategy ,Continuous Improvement Performance Management ,Program Development & Management ,Leadership & Development ,Process and Standards Management , Sales Strategies and Deployment


Issam Al-Ismaily

Suha is a seasoned PM with over 7 years of work experience in HR activities, administration, and customer relations. She has also been heavily involved in culture transformation and change management, with a focus on driving positive outcomes for her clients.

In addition to her experience in these areas, Suha has 4 years of work experience in project management and has managed complex projects throughout her career. She holds a bachelor’s degree in management information systems , which has given her a strong foundation in technology and data management.

Suha's qualifications are impressive, and she has obtained several certifications that have helped her to refine her skills and expertise. These certifications include the Certified Trainer program from iRA, as well as certifications in Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified associate in project management (CAPM), Project Leadership, High-performance teams, Consulting Business, and 1st level of Purchasing & Procurement. With her extensive qualifications and experience, Suha is a valuable member of our team and a trusted consultant to our clients. Her ability to manage complex projects, drive culture transformation, and provide effective solutions to HR, administration, and customer-related challenges make her an indispensable asset to our firm.

Personal Profile

General Manager of multiple regional companies , 15 years strategy and organizational consulting

18 years of technology and solutions consulting , 15 years active in projects in KSA


Management consulting with focus on strategy, processes & IT advisory , Experienced in establishing sustainable independent organizations, corporate initiatives and departments. , Proven track record in reorganizing and streamlining business operations.

Projects (excerpt)

Establishing regional companies providing advisory services to Middle East Region: 2 , Business advisory to family groups: 20+ , Project management for large scale initiatives: 50+

Sales and execution of management and technology advisory related projects at a multitude of public and private entities with focus on the GCC. Selected accounts: 50+including.

MoT, MoL, PPA, Tatweer, STC, Saudi Aramco, GSO, GACA, SANS, Okaz, Tawuniya, ARO, AIC, AIMS, Alissa Group, etc. , Advisory for large scale industrial proof of concepts: 5+

Khalid is a Strategic Consultant with diverse experience spanning over 15 years. He is a visionary and transformational leader, who has earned multiple professional certificates and awards throughout his career. holds a master’s degree in management information systems, which has equipped him with a deep understanding of technology and data management. Additionally, he holds several certifications in Strategy and Competitive Analysis, Management Accounting, Project Management, and Fraud Examination, which have helped him to refine his skills and expertise.

Currently, Khalid is enrolled in the 2030 Leaders Executive Program for Misk in association with Esade Business School, where he is further developing his leadership and strategic planning skills. Khalid excels in strategic planning, financial management, project oversight, and marketing strategy, and has a track record of delivering exceptional results to his clients.

Khalid's ability to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges, coupled with his commitment to delivering exceptional results, make him a trusted partner to our clients. As a Senior Strategic Consultant, Khalid brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our firm, and we are fortunate to have him as a member of our team.

Suha Bait Al Mal


Management Consultant

Senior Strategic Consultant

Khalid Nour

Michael Hofbauer

Abdulrahman Mohammad Marwan Khatib

Abdullah Alghamdi

Senior Innovation corporate Strategic Consultant


Samih Abd Elmarouff Zeinalabdin Siedahmed

Abdulhadi Mohammed Alyami

Abdulrahman is a Senior Innovation Corporate Strategic Consultant with over 14 years of experience within the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia. He has broad expertise in various fields, including launching new initiatives, adopting new strategies for pharma companies or institutions, developing innovative treatment methods, conducting go-to-market studies, and benchmarking against competitors or successful models.

Abdulrahman's extensive experience in the healthcare sector has provided him with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this industry. He has a track record of providing innovative solutions to complex challenges and helping his clients achieve their goals.

As a Senior Innovation Corporate Strategic Consultant, Abdulrahman brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our firm. His ability to develop and implement effective strategies, coupled with his commitment to delivering exceptional results, make him a trusted partner to our clients.

Overall, Abdulrahman's expertise in the healthcare sector, combined with his dedication to innovation and strategic thinking, make him an invaluable member of our team. We are proud to have him as a Senior Innovation Corporate Strategic Consultant, and we look forward to working with him to help our clients achieve their goals.

Abdullah is an Associate at our firm, with both a bachelor's and master's degree in business administration. With over seven years of experience, Abdullah has been involved in several high-profile projects throughout his career. One of his notable achievements includes serving as a team leader on the vaccine project for the western region during the pandemic. In this role, Abdullah was responsible for overseeing planning, transportation coordination, and financial objectives. Abdullah has also worked on the Alhaj project, where he served as the planning team lead for the 2022 program, as well as the transportation lead. His expertise spans across a variety of areas, including communication, transportation, planning, strategic thinking, and government relations.

Samih is a Senior Digital Operation Strategic Consultant with over 18 years of experience in various fields, including telecommunications, ICT infrastructure, ERP systems, integration, digital transformation, technology innovations, and strategic planning. He has held Corporate Director and ICT Director roles for more than 10 years, providing him with a deep understanding of the complexities involved in managing large-scale operations and driving business growth.

Samih's expertise in strategic planning is particularly noteworthy. He has more than 3 years of experience as a Strategic Planning Director, where he was responsible for business strategy formulation, business analysis, strategy execution, sustainable business strategy, and disruptive strategy. He holds a Specialization in Strategy Certificate from Harvard Business School and is a Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional from KPI Institute. Additionally, he holds a Certified Information System Auditor certification from ISACA, among other international recognitions.

As a Senior Digital Operation Strategic Consultant, Samih brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our firm. His ability to develop and implement effective strategies, coupled with his commitment to delivering exceptional results, make him a trusted partner to our clients.

Overall, Samih's extensive experience in various fields, coupled with his deep expertise in strategic planning, make him an invaluable member of our team. We are proud to have him as a Senior Digital Operation Strategic Consultant, and we look forward to working with him to help our clients achieve their goals.

Senior Digital Operation Strategic Consultant


Abdulhadi is an Associate with more than 6 years of work experience in business management activities, assistance and advisory in education and finance, sales management/support, and research in international communication and diplomacy.

Abdulhadi holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from City University of New York, which has equipped him with a deep understanding of political systems and their impact on business and society. Additionally, he holds a diploma in International Communications which has given him a strong foundation in effective communication strategies across cultures and languages.

Furthermore, Abdulhadi is a certified Risk Management Professional (RMP), which has provided him with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and mitigate potential risks in business operations.

As an Associate, Abdulhadi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our firm. His ability to provide effective assistance and advisory services, coupled with his commitment to delivering exceptional results, make him a valuable member of our team.

Overall, Abdulhadi's expertise in business management, education, finance, sales, and research, combined with his certifications in Risk Management and International Communications, make him a versatile and valuable asset to our firm. We are proud to have him as an associate, and we look forward to working with him to help our clients achieve their goals.

Transformational Strategic Consultant

Operational - Strategic Consultant

Senior innovation operation Strategic Consultant

Innovational operation senior Strategic Consultant

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Anshu Agarwal

Ahmed ElGohary

Samir Dhalla

Muhammad is a Transformational Strategic Consultant with a wealth of experience in strategy, transformation, and business development. He specializes in variable renewable energy and projects and has a deep understanding of the complexities involved in this field.

Throughout his career, Muhammad has worked on a variety of high-profile.

projects, where he has demonstrated his ability to provide innovative and effective solutions. He has a thorough understanding of how to develop and implement strategies that drive transformation and business development, and he uses this expertise to help his clients achieve their goals.

Muhammad's expertise in renewable energy and projects is particularly noteworthy. He has a deep understanding of the challenges that organizations face in this field, and he has successfully helped clients navigate these challenges to achieve their objectives. His knowledge of the industry is a valuable asset to our firm, and we are fortunate to have him as a member of our team.

Overall, Muhammad's experience, expertise, and commitment to providing top-tier consulting services make him an invaluable member of our team. Our clients can trust that they are in good hands when working with Muhammad on their strategic and transformational initiatives.

Anshu is a Senior Innovation Operation Strategic Consultant with a successful career in strategic planning, process optimization, and operations management in the metal and mining business. He is adept in large-scale project conceptualization, feasibility evaluation, scope determination, commissioning, and start-up, which has helped him to deliver exceptional results to his clients throughout his career.

Anshu has excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, which have contributed to his success in team management and planning. He has a track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, while ensuring the highest level of quality.

As a Senior Innovation Operation Strategic Consultant, Anshu brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our firm. His ability to develop and implement effective strategies, coupled with his commitment to delivering exceptional results, make him a trusted partner to our clients.

Overall, Anshu's expertise in strategic planning, process optimization, and operations management in the metal and mining business, combined with his excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, make him an invaluable member of our team. We are proud to have him as a Senior Innovation Operation Strategic Consultant, and we look forward to working with him to help our clients achieve their goals.

Ahmed is an experienced Strategic Consultant with expertise in operations management and manufacturing fields. He holds a Master of Business Administration (Finance) from ESLSCA Business School Paris, a Total Quality Management diploma from ILM through logic training and HR development, and a Bachelor of Materials Engineering (Mechanical department) from Ain Shams University.

Ahmed's certificates include Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (Quality America and AUC), SAP production planning module (SAP marines), and CPIM (American chamber of commerce in Egypt).

With years of experience in multinational companies in the FMCG and home appliances industries, Ahmed has extensive experience in international projects management and continuous improvement projects management. He also works as a part-time consultant in El-Rowad for Consultancy Services, where he specializes in supply chain, lean six sigma, PM, and business training design and teaching.

Samir is an accomplished Strategic Consultant with over 15 years of experience in healthcare strategy and technology. With extensive expertise in UK and European healthcare systems, Samir leads teams and collaborates with national stakeholders to address complex challenges and achieve successful outcomes.

Samir has played a pivotal role in harnessing health data and healthcare software for a positive impact. He works closely with commercial entities, government agencies, and policymakers to develop innovative healthcare policies and drive technology adoption in the field.

Samir's expertise has earned him recognition as a top 100 Asian Star in UK tech in 2022, highlighting his contributions and impact in the field.

Bill Allam

Mohammed Al Ismail

Transformation senior Strategic Consultant

Governance & Compliance consultant

Jochen Hundt

Matia Lunardon

Legal Consultant

Management Consultant

Mohammed is a highly experienced Strategic Consultant with expertise in governance and compliance. He started his journey in this field in 2003 and has since achieved remarkable success. Mohammed has extensive knowledge and background in compliance activities, anti-money laundering (AML), risk management, operations, and customer services. He has experience working with both local and international companies, providing guidance on regulatory compliance, internal controls, and risk management frameworks. As a Strategic Consultant, Mohammed has a proven track record of helping companies navigate complex regulatory environments while ensuring that their business operations remain compliant. He has an in-depth understanding of global compliance and regulatory requirements, which enables him to provide clients with tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Moreover, Mohammed is an expert in AML and has helped numerous clients implement effective AML programs. He has also assisted clients in implementing risk management frameworks that enable them to identify, assess, and mitigate risks.

Bill is a highly experienced Strategic Consultant with a focus on Change Management. With over 15 years of experience, he is certified in Prosci methodologies and has a postgraduate degree in change management and an MBA from Australia.

Having worked in Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, and the UAE, Bill has extensive experience in leading and delivering complex transformation and change management initiatives in a variety of industries, including Government (Australian Ministry of Transport), Mining (Orica Ltd), Banking (National Australia Bank), Financial industries (Saudi Stock Exchange), Electricity and Gas (AusNet), Manufacturing and Foodservices (Fonterra), and Family Business (Chalhoub Group, Ajlan Brothers Holding).

Bill has also led market consultations for JP Morgan, Deutsche Securities, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and other financial entities. Moreover, he has implemented change management strategies for Louis Vuitton, Dior Couture, Sephora, Fendi, Puig, Celine, Givenchy, Louboutin, Saks Fifth Avenue, Loewe, Carolina Herrera, Swarovski, Lacoste, Michael Kors, and others.

Bill's expertise lies in creating change management strategies and plans, conducting change impact assessments, workshops, creating communications collaterals, engaging with stakeholders, creating change metrics, running change readiness assessments, managing cross-functional teams, and tracking and reporting. He has delivered successful change initiatives that have resulted in significant cost savings, improved efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction.


LL.B, LL.M in Business Law (Strasbourg, France) , LL.M (w/distinction) in Int’l Commercial Law (Sussex, UK) , 20 years of experience in legal and tax advisory , Appointed advisor to 12+ embassies and trade missions


Public Private Partnerships (PPP) , Mergers and acquisitions , Foreign investment , Cross-border tax optimization , Corporate restructuring , Labor and social security law

Selected Projects

Advising the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs on the implementation of new non-industrial waste recycling regulations. , Advising the Riyadh Development Authority on the implementation of a PPP to operate the Riyadh Bus network under a 10-year contract.

Advising a Saudi Arabian bank and a local steel conglomerate on a 160 million SAR Islamic finance deal including the drafting of all agreements. , Advising a German high-tech company on road security projects with the Saudi Arabian and Omani police authorities including the formation of a local subsidiary. , Advising a German/US heavy duty construction company on a 1.6 billion SAR military construction project including the acquisition of shares in a local company.

Personal Profile

Post-Graduate of Corporate Finance (MBA) , Graduate of Business Administration (M.Sc.)

18 years strategy and organizational consulting , 10 years active in projects in GCC

Cross-industry Know-how: Banking, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Automotive


Corporate Finance, Risk & Accounting , Cost Management & Strategic Planning

Business development scenario evaluation & start-up consulting , Business Process Management and Business Process Transformation . Real Estate Portfolio Management (Valuation & Strategy)

Projects (excerpt)

KSA semi-governmental – business process optimization , KSA publishing house – organization restructuring , KSA engineering house – company valuation , UAE based RE developer – organization restructuring , KSA based RE developer – organization assessment. , US pharmaceutical – Analysis and optimization of roles, responsibilities, and competencies , Swiss bank – Post merger integration, consolidation of operations, creation of shared service centers , Various – Business case creation and scenario calculation

Digital marketing Consultant

Zain Ahmad

Zain is an experienced Strategic Consultant with a strong background in corporate strategy, strategic management, brand development strategies, digital marketing, retail and trade management, Net Revenue Management, project management, and strategic corporate management. With 7 years of expertise working with FMCGs, e-commerce platforms, and consultancies, he is a seasoned strategy consultant who brings a diverse skill set to help businesses achieve their strategic goals.

Zain holds an MBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan (offshore campus of Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania), which equips him with comprehensive insights and customized solutions to optimize business performance, enhance brand positioning, maximize revenue, and drive long-term growth.

Senior Strategy and Management Consultant

Shehryar Azhar

Shehryar is a Versatile Management Consultant with over a decade of hands-on experience across Management Consulting, Financial Services, and Technology. He is passionate about Strategy Development, Project Management, Innovation, and Transformation.

Shehryar is especially experienced across Financial Services functions, particularly in Corporate Credit & Risk, Corporate & Investment Banking, and Private Banking. He is comfortable in managing teams, strategy building, vertical/product development, and solving complex problems.

Shehryar completed his MBA at Esade Business School in March 2020. He is also a professionally Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a professional member of the Institute of Management Accountants network.

Having lived, worked, or studied in culturally diverse cities such as Dubai, Toronto, London, Barcelona, Bangalore, and Berlin, Shehryar has a deep understanding of cultural nuances and the ability to work effectively in diverse teams. He has served clients mainly in finance, public sector, retail, MICE, and ICT.

Shehryar's skillset includes Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Strategy Implementation, Financial Modelling, Financial Analysis, Project Management, Program Management, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Rainer Debusmann

Personal Profile

Graduated/diploma in Business Administration , Lecturer for organizational change management

More than 20 years’ experience as project manager in the area of business process management

PRINCE2 certified.


Project & Change Management , Business Process Management and Business Process Governance

IT Strategy & IT Concepts

Projects (excerpt)

Restructuring and process optimization in a leading Saudi media house , Project management for the cross-company implementation of an ERP-system (Crown Forklifts, Wacker Neuson, Liebherr, HKL Baumaschinen, Dimension Data)

Development of an IT-concept for the implementation of shared services (EON Business Services)

Set up of a change management organization (Roche) , Analysis of technical and organizational interfaces in development, production planning and quality management (BMW Group)

Management Consultant

Senior Strategy & Corporate training Consultant

Omar Younes

Omar is a Strategic Consultant with a proven track record of impactful results across various industries. With 15 years of experience, Omar has honed his analytical and problem-solving skills by working on complex business challenges and helping clients develop and execute effective strategies.

His expertise is in conducting market research, analyzing data, and synthesizing insights to develop actionable recommendations. He has successfully led cross-functional teams and managed stakeholder relationships to ensure successful project delivery.

Omar's extensive experience in healthcare, consumer goods, real estate, and other industries, combined with his global experience, has given him a deep understanding of cultural nuances and the ability to work effectively in diverse teams. He holds a master's degree in business administration, specializing in international trade, and is an accredited corporate training consultant by the Egyptian National Council for Training. He is also a PhD researcher in business administration.

Ahmed Selim

Management Consultant

Personal Profile

More than 15 years' experience in project management, developing business processes, Restructuring Organizations, Developing Project Management Office.

Managing successful projects in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain & Kuwait

Consultation experience in the government sector, military sector, Media, IT, Education


Project and program management , Developing and operating PMO

Business Process Management Implementation , Restructuring Organizations , Change Management

Business process optimization , Development of integrated IT systems

Selected Projects

MoL- KSA: providing consulting services to developing and implementing “Change Management.”

Saudi Space Commission: Development of Enterprise Architecture & Government Integration.

HRDF- KSA: providing consulting services to developing and implementing “Change Management & Developing the Internal Communications”.

Public Pension Agency: managing project of “Audit & Assessment of IT”.

Tatweer Holding: Providing consultancy to restructuring and building the processes of “SINAD City for Special Educations”

SCTH- KSA: providing consulting services to restructuring and creating “Digital Transformation Center”.

Okaz organization - KSA: Providing consultancy for “Restructuring Organization” project for all departments. , General Authority of Civil Aviation- SANS: Developing & restructuring business processes.

Managing and leading e-learning and training projects for: Ministry of Education (KSA) , Ministry of Education (Bahrain), Faculty King Fahd Security College (KSA), Faculty King Fahd Naval College (KSA) , Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (KSA)

Gehan is a highly experienced Strategic Consultant with expertise in business development, marketing, and growth strategy. With over 20 years of experience, she is recognized as a business strategist, visionary leader, and deep tech expert.

Gehan has a proven track record of driving sustainable growth and diversification, leading successful global launches in telecom, banking, Fintech, and biopharma industries. Her proficiency extends to technology-driven sectors such as FMCG, real estate, CEO branding, and startups.

As a senior executive, Gehan has exceptional skills in crafting corporate strategies that ignite growth, ensure sustainability, and generate substantial revenue streams. She is adept at establishing strategic partnerships, securing fundraising opportunities, and successfully commercializing innovative prototypes.

Gehan is deeply committed to the development of human capital and strives to make a positive impact on communities. Moreover, she has effectively guided multicultural teams across the MEAFAP region and the USA, fostering collaboration and delivering exceptional value.

Gehan's qualifications include being a Certified Soft Skills Trainer, completing an Executive Leadership Program, and obtaining an MBA from Arab Academy of Science and Central Michigan University in International Marketing and Investment. She also holds a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance from Alexandria University of Commerce.

Director Strategic Consultant

Gehan El-Shennawy

HR & Strategy Business Consultant

Mohamed El Helw

Mohamed ElHelw, a highly experienced professional with over 38 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Nutritional industry in the Middle East. Mohamed has worked as a Country Manager for multiple regional companies in the GCC region, with a proven track record of accomplishment in sales management, strategic business consultation, and over 8 years of work experience in HR activities.

Mohamed has extensive knowledge in leadership for executive managers, recruiting and selection process, marketing and market research, account development strategies, interpersonal managing skills, and coaching for managers. His expertise in these areas has helped him to successfully lead and manage teams, develop effective business strategies, and provide valuable insights to organizations.

One of Mohamed's key strengths is his ability to effectively communicate and coach managers to improve their performance and achieve their personal and professional goals. He has a deep understanding of the industry and has developed effective strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Overall, Mohamed's extensive experience and expertise make him an excellent candidate for business consulting project. His proven track record of accomplishment and deep understanding of the industry will be valuable assets to our firm.

Senior Strategist in Business Development and Digital Transformation

Tamim AlMurad

After receiving his master’s degree from KAUST in Electrical Engineering, Tamim joined Siemens Saudi Arabia under a prestigious entry program ‘Siemens Graduate Program’. He did 3 assignments of 8 months, each one in different functions and one of them was in the HQ in Germany.

After that, Tamim started as a Product Manager for 18 months to roll out new power electronics products in the region. He realized that he wanted to increase his technical background, so he worked as a Service Engineer for nine months while assigned to handle a Customer Service Business Unit.

In the following 6 years, Tamim`s core business/sales skills were developed and improved to take the business from barely 0.5 million dollars business to around 5 million when he left.

After 10 years in Siemens, feeling too comfortable, Tamim decied to shake things up and get out of the ‘comfort zone’ to a place where learning can be exponential, adding new skills on top of his experience. He joined Penny Software which was a startup preparing to launch a B2B procurement marketplace. Working with the business team and tech team, the marketplace was launched after signing with extra suppliers and adding necessary features on the buyer/supplier journey.

Then, the focus shifted to getting companies to use the marketplace for procurement while maintaining the development of the platform. When he left, the marketplace was vibrant with over 300 suppliers offering more than 300,000 products and 300 customers.

Last year,Tamim decided to move to another country. He is now in Sweden doing a master’s in Bioinformatics where he is networking with startups in the country.

His core experience is in the domains of: B2B Business Development, Sales Strategy, Digital Transformation in industry and Procurement.

Alberto has gained extensive experience working at senior level in various International and culturally diverse working environments. Well-respected amongst business communities, during his career spanning more than 25 years Alberto has operated both as a manager with executive accountability and has led internal consulting teams.

He has built his reputation mostly in the UK and the US (25 years) as well as in the Middle East (12+ years), gaining extensive experience in operations, change management, transformation, business/ operational excellence, continuous improvement, and business turnaround. Alberto has experience within Business Sectors such as Aviation, Logistics Mail & Parcels, Telecom, and the Public Sector, leaving a positive impact on Operations, HR, Customer Service, Contact Centre's, and Sales & Marketing. He is a charismatic, strategic, and influential leader who likes to deploy a suitable blend of Change Leadership, Coaching, and Continuous Improvement methodologies, bringing about substantial financial, customer, and employee benefits. A firm believer in Teamwork and in taking personal accountability and ownership for one’s own actions, Alberto is currently studying for a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), he holds a Bachelor's Degree from West London University (UK) and a Master's Degree from The University of Reading (UK) as well as being certified as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He is fluent in English, Italian, and French and has a working knowledge of German and Spanish. Areas of Expertise: Strategy , Business Transformation ,Restructuring and Turnaround, Operation and Operational Excellence ,Sales, Marketing & Product Development, Executive Selection (CBI and Case Study)

Alberto Manzo

Senior HR Consultant

Martin is a supply chain optimization and transformation specialist with over a decade of global experience, both as a consultant and in-house. He has strong experience in providing performance evaluation & audit, benchmarking, process and digital optimization & transformation solutions to a diverse range of clients across multiple sectors (mining & metals, industrial, engineering & construction, consumer products, and healthcare), in the private sector. Martin has been involved in the provision of audit engagements, which included procurement value risk mapping, the development of policies and procedures, training, and change management & sustainability.

Highlights of Martin’s experience:

Led a new item intake design cloud-based tool to improve governance, risk management, and compliance for a multinational mining & metals company. Yearly inventory intake cost avoidance is estimated at $30m. Conducted third-party supplier audit for the UK’s largest university press , Performed supply chain & SHE risk validation audit for a steel solutions company in New Zealand , Developed and embedded procurement risk mapping, operational policies, and procedures for an oil and gas inspection company based in the United Arab Emirates.

Conducted warehousing benchmarking assessments for a leading medical device distributor based in Saudi Arabia, enabling the implementation of Blue Yonder , Led the integration of operational risk controls across 74 global sites for a multinational mining and metals company.

Led the implementation of SAP WMS Lite at a warehouse in Brazil for a multinational mining & metals company, Conducted logistics infrastructure mapping and investment research for various African countries on behalf of a London[1]based equity investment company.


Project and stakeholder management, Procurement Audit , People management (leader) , Digital transformation ,Data analysis , Benchmarking , Process optimization ,Working capital improvement

Development and implementation of policies and procedures ,Change management and sustainability

Senior Strategy Consultant

Martin Roux

Senior HR Consultant

Hanafy Mahmoud

Hanafy is a strategic and innovative HR Business Consultant with a proven record of building strong partnerships and charting strategic direction that helps businesses meet and exceed their goals under his responsibilities and duties within big chains and multinational companies. He has a fantastic experience as an expert for HR transformation and restructuring companies within multiple industry with over 20 years of HR experience, Hanafy's expertise includes Organizational Optimization, Compensation & Benefits, Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations, Performance Management, HR Laws, Training and Development, and HR Technology Implementation by digitalis transformation system. He has experience in multiple industries that include Construction, Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Automotive, TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification), Supplies, Start-Ups, and Technology during permanent responsibilities with (MAGRABI Retail, Intersport IIC, Mansour Group, MG Automotive, and TUV Rheinland GMBH). Hanafy educated law at Cairo University, he is an MBA holder from Rome Business School “In Italy”, plus he was Certified Professional in Human Resources (CHRBP) from SHRM & hrci. In addition, he is perfect in SAP and HR digitalization (HRIS), and is certified as a lead auditor for ISO 9001.